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All prints you find in my shop are handmade by myself. Unique art prints, inspired by the ocean, mountains, sea creaters, and other things.

In my portfolio I show different works. Printmaking is a process; from the idea, to the design, to the carving and finaly product the print. In my Portfolio I’ll explain my work in progress.

Do you want to know how I work? Or how you can try out Lino printing yourself? Here I talk about various related topics. Also you find Infos about upcoming Workshop I organise. Maybe it inspiries you to try it out yourself!

Find my handmade art in the shop. My style goes from minimalist to illustrative to boho and abstract.

With your purchase you are directly supporting me, the artist, and not any intermediaries. Thank you for that!

Nice to meet you

I’m Nora, from Switzerland, living in Ericeira, Portugal. This creative place, the beautiful nature that surrounds me, the food, the people here, inspire me every day. So, after a long “art break”, I started to work artistically again. I am particularly fond of linoleum printing – but not only. Here on this website I show my work in the portfolio. In the shop I have some items, which I will gladly send to your home. And if you feel like being creative yourself, the blog page with the tutorials will hopefully help you to get started with your own DIY project. I hope you like my work. If you ever are around Ericeira, and would like to try out your own Linocutting then come and oin one of my workshops or just stop by in my Atelier. If your visit is only virtually then I am happy to show you my works here, and also answer questions if you have any. Don’t hesitate to contact me .

Any thoughts or feedback? I am looking forward to hear from you. 

Até já!

The technique of Lino cutting is related to the one of Wood cutting. Linoprinting goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. It is a good technique to try the relief surface printing. Nowadays you find variouse material to carve.
There are very different printing processes for art prints, and they all have their own beauty. I work with linoleum and carve the motif on them. You can see what this can look like in the selection of pictures below. A larger selection can be seen in the portfolio . You will see, that my sourrunding inspires in my printmaking: the ocea, Surfculture, nature, flowers etc. are my biggest inpsiration. In my shop you’ll find the finished prints, ready to ship to your home. You want to try it yourself ? Find some DIY tips at the blog.

I try to work only with good quality supplies – to guarantee you the good quality you are looking for. But I want to say it again: all handprinted Art is unique, and can slightly look different from the pictures, and from each other. But that’s what printmaking is all about!

Find some Prints my Shop. Sometimes I have new Prints posting on Instagram, which are not uploaded here yet. Or also if you are looking for something special please don’t hesitate to contact me – I also do costumized Prints or Stamps. To give you an Idea about all my Work and my working process check also my Instagram. Most of my Art is Lino Printing – but not exclusive. If I use different Medias or techniques you will find the Infos in the description. Are you planning to visit Portugal and like my Art? Just contact me and I am looking forward to welcome you in my Atelier here in Ericeira (which is only 40 Minnutes from Lisbon) in Portugal.

About Lino Printing, handmade Birthday Cards and costumised articles

This website is my personal showcase, you can find an insight into my work in the portfolio. What inspires me and how I develop further can be found in the blog, which – promised – is still growing. I really enjoy my work as an artist. But even more than that, I enjoy the feedback from clients. My prints show directly what inspires me at the moment and it is a great feeling when this appeals to someone and they like it. I am very happy when I can share passions – and through my art I feel that I can do that. The sea, the mountains, surfing, nature in general connects. and the idea of my art hanging somewhere in living rooms, kitchens, or children’s rooms fills me with happiness.
 If you want to print handmade Christmas cards yourself, for example, you will soon find the tips you need. In the shop you will find my latest work, which is for sale. Art prints to decorate your walls. Do you need a birthday card with a little something extra? My handmade cards are perfect for any Birthday or Mother’s Day greeting. If you’re really looking for something unique, get in touch with me. I am happy to make products according to your wishes and to develop ideas together that I can implement. To get some ideas of my work you can check my Portfolio, or even more up to date is my Instagram Account. I look forward to hearing from you!

Get in touch

I am happy to get in touch with you; be it feedback, requests, or exchange of idea, I’m always happy to get some Mail.

Blog and Tutorials

I am working on some Tutorials and Blogposts – because for me it’s so much more fun to share what I do with others, than just do it for myself. Eventhough Printmaking has something therapeutic, it’s fun to share experiences etc. check my Blog to see how I work – and I am looking forward to get your feedback!

It takes time to produce content for my Blog, so please be patience with me. There will be more Posts in the Blog soon, but it’s always a process. So just keep checking 😀

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