Handmade Lino Prints from Portugal


I believe that learning new things helps to keep a open mind, an open heart and spirit. Learning linoprinting is one of those journeys where you learn so much more than just a technique. It teached me patience, showed me the support of a whole Printing Community, and it helps me o be more balanced.

Falling asleep with the sound of the waves, feeling the sun on my skin, even in winter, the wonderful wild nature – this is what brought me to Portugal. Different passions keep me here. But above all, the simple life.

I have always been interested in many different things and therefore have countless hobbies. One of them was linoleum printing. However, since I moved to Portugal, this hobby has become more and more of a side job. Here, surrounded by the beautiful landscape, the colours of nature and the surf culture, I find the inspiration, creativity and, above all, time that I had a hard time finding in the last few years when I lived in Switzerland.

where I learned

I learned the basics of linoleum printing at art school, where we mainly worked sculpturally and painted. In one module, however, we worked with printing techniques, including linoleum printing. As a basis, that’s wonderful, but it was and is above all the practice and trial and error that taught me and still teaches me. Because of my curiosity to try new things, I am constantly learning and it never gets boring. I also like to work with mixed media, and try things out. Many of my works are single prints, as I print on a painted canvas, for example, and thus create a work of art that is unique. That’s what I enjoy: trying things out and experimenting.

That special something

What I like about my work is that lino prints are unique, because like all art prints, each print has its own characteristics, its own specialness and is therefore surprising. It’s hard to describe, but hand-printed work simply exudes a quality that is unique. I am happy to share this fascination for art prints with you. I hope you like it!

Até breve!



I am not always creative. But when I start, creativity often comes naturally. You just have to take the first step.


That is key for me. Stay active, open and curious, and you will discover so many good things.


Go through life with open eyes: I find inspiration in nature, in my fellow human beings, or in music.

About my Art Prints

All my linocut prints are original Art Pieces. I design and draw all prints myself , carved them and hand printed them in my home studio in Ericeira, Portugal. For my Art prints I have created in Bohemian, Mid Century, Modern, Minimalist, black and white and many more styles which will be a great option for decorating your home or when you want to buy gifts for your loved ones. An art print will change the ambience of your home.
Since Art Print designs are placed on paper sizes in different proportions, which mostly are cut by hand by myself, there will be slight variations in design layout and dimensions. This product is authorized for personal use only. It is prohibited to modify and sell this product digitally or in print.

Please Note

  • Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting / the characteristics of the monitor you are using.
  • Please note that this is just the print. The frames on the photos are not included.
  • Since Art Print designs are placed by hand on paper sizes in different proportions, which mostly are cut by hand by myself, there will be slight variations in design layout and dimensions.
  • As I print on demand and only ship once a week, it can go up to two weeks till your order is shipped. Please keep that in mind when ordering. If you are unsure, please contact me, so I can see if I have the print in stock.

If you have any questions about the products, you can send a message without hesitation and let me know your different requests.
Your satisfaction with your purchase is extremely important to me!

The Process

The image is first carved out of a linoleum block, then individually hand-pressed using quality oil or water-based ink on quality paper.
As I individually print all my items, there are very small variations of the print and in the paper. But that is what makes them all original, charming and individual! This is an original linocut print and NOT a digitally reproduced print. All prints are signed by the artist.


The print/s will be backed with recycled card, wrapped carefully in tissue paper and sent if possible plastic free, recycled packaging. It will be sent to you by CTT Portuguese Post office.

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