handmade Print with clouds

Going back to basics.

With my last linocut I am back to the beginning. What do I mean by that? I chose a form that is so simple, but then works as a print. I have found that I often like the simple prints better than the too detailed ones. So at least of my work, my own stuff. I find detailed prints super beautiful, but it’s just not my thing. Remembering helps. Remembering to go back to what inspired you in the beginning. I’m saying that sometimes it’s hard to see other great artists who have a completely different level, but also a different style and then see your own work. Comparing can help as an incentive, but it can also be frustrating, when your skills are not there yet. That’s why my advice is to go back to the beginning. What gives you pleasure? Why did you want to start with linoprinting? What fascinated you? And to these answers your journey should go. For me personally, this means: back to simplicity. I like simple shapes that come off the page, that I don’t even have to pre-sketch. I drew these clouds directly on the lino and then cut them out. And I like the print. The courage of simplicity, and also of size, can sometimes produce results that surprise. I enjoyed this print of my Candy Cumulus because I can concentrate on other things than the exact details. I play with the colour, I play with the shape and the composition, and that’s all.
I hope this post inspires you to also have courage for simplicity, or no, courage to follow your own path and make the art that brings you joy.

clouds painting

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