The beauty of printing is that I can print the stamp on different backgrounds. That’s why it’s no problem to work on your project ideas, to try out different sizes, papers, materials. I still learn something every day, with every print. Above all, I love to experiment and play with different media. That’s why I like to be open to commissioned work – if it’s an interesting project. Anyway, if you are interested in a collaboration, would like to realise an idea or would just like to know what other art I do, just get in touch.

Commissioned work

You want to decorate a wall and need an individual art print? Depending on what kind of project it is, I am happy to make a custom linoleum print. I can also vary existing prints with size of paper and material. Whatever (crazy) ideas you have – let’s try it out! You can find inspiration in the gallery below.

original prints

I love working with linoleum. It means a lot of muscle power, precise work, patience (not my strong point) and also a bit of luck.
All my prints are my own designs. From sketching to transferring, carving and printing, everything is done by me. As each print is made by hand, they are all different. They are all unique. At the moment I often work with coloured backgrounds. For this I work with watercolours, acrylics or pastels. And here, too, every background is unique and I can’t make a picture like the previous one. That is often wonderful, but sometimes also frustrating when a picture is particularly beautiful and I can’t copy it.


Besides linoleum printing, I also like to be creative in other ways. For example, I like to make jewellery out of wood, sketch and paint and work with other materials that inspire me. Even though the focus is clearly on lino printing, I like the variety.


To give you an insight into my lino print work, I have set up my Instagram account. 
I show my prints, the creation process, my sketches, but also my sources of inspiration. I get most of my inspiration from my surroundings and nature, so it’s important to me to give this space. I also update market dates, workshops etc. on my Instagram profile. My gallery shows some of my lino print work that you won’t find in the shop as I have a lot of stamps, linosheets and trials that I’ve made just to play around with.

So make sure you follow me on Instagram! thanks 🙂

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