Greeting Card Paella / Mussels


Greeting Cards with a pot of mussels: the perfect Dinner Party Invitation! Card for all the Seafood Lover. Designed and Hand printed by me in my Studio.

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Handprinted Paella Card

A6 greeting card with a paella pan, a mussel pot or whatever you want to call it. I still like to send dinner invitations with cards or at least with a picture attached to the text. While I was looking for a good picture of shells, I thought why not make my own invitation card?

The perfect greeting Card for Seafood Lover

So here is my version as a lino print: a pot of mussels. For me, eating mussels has always been a feast, because in Switzerland we only have fresh water and no sea. But since I’ve been living here on the coast of Portugal, I like to eat a few simple mussels every now and then, found fresh from the local fish market.

And in case you’d like to make an invitation, and still need a recipe, here we go, my favourite kind of mussle dish:

Recipe for Mussles south italian style

Wash, clean and water the mussels. Chop some (in my case: a lot!) garlic, parsley and chilli. Heat up some olive oil, add garlic and chilli, and fry them for a bit. Pour in some red wine and bring to the boil briefly. Add (canned) tomatos, season with salt, pepper and cook for some minutes. Add the mussles and cook for about 5 minutes. Till then, the mussles should open up. Add parsley et voilà. Make sure to have some bread ready, to dip in the sauce 🙂


Paper and Ink

  • ‘plain’ Paper: 300 g/m², acid-free, lightfast and high ageing resistance, sustainably made in Germany.
  • Postcard: 300 g/m², ‘Postcard’-Design is pre-printed on the backside of the print.
  • high quality water based ink.
  • to protect the paint, send Cards in a envelope. The Postcard-Print sealed with spray.


Postcard: DIN A6

  • Height: 105 millimeters
  • Width: 148 millimeters

Plain background Card: the width is a bit smaller than DIN A6 (like Polaroid Format).

Please Note

  • All prints are handmade. Each print is unique and might slightly vary from the pictures shown here.
  • Product colour may slightly be different than seen here, due to your monitor / photographic lighting.
  • If there are prints on the photos, those are not included. You will purchase only the print.
  • Design layout and dimensions of the paper might be slightly different, as I cut most paper by hand and handprint all my linos.
  • The prints will be shipped with CTT portugues post.

For further informations about my art prints please read the page about my art prints here.

Type of Card

Plain, Postcard

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