Jellyfish Print ‘Glow’


Hand printed Jellyfish in dark, ocean blue water. This Art print is the perfect piece for all ocean and maritime-creature lover. The print is A5 (printsize is A6, Papersize is A5).

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Jellyfish ‘GLOW’

Beautiful Art Print for all Ocean-Lovers.

Maritime Art Print – Original Handmade Print

This handmade lino print features a beautiful jellyfish. I carved this lino print for a Printmaker Online event with the theme ‘Contrast’. I find jellyfish, and maritime themes anyway, so fascinating. The Aequorea victoria is a beautiful jellyfish that has hundreds of tiny luminescent organs on the edge of its umbrella. This is called bioluminescence, an abiochemical reaction in the animal. Did you also know that jellyfish have been around for about 670 million years? At that time, our continents didn’t even exist. With this print I want to show how beautiful and elegant these creatures are.
It is the ideal print for everyone who loves the sea, who is interested in maritime animals and who wants to decorate their office, living room or bathroom.
Since the print is small, it fits everywhere and is also perfect for giving as a gift. As a birthday gift for children or adults, as a housewarming gift and so on.


Paper and Ink:

  • A5 250g Paper
  • high quality oil based ink (dark blue)


Paper Size is DIN A5

  • Height: 210 millimeters
  • Width: 105 millimeters
  • The Print Size is A6

Please Note

  • All prints are handmade. Each print is unique and might slightly vary from the pictures shown here.
  • Product colour may slightly be different than seen here, due to your monitor / photographic lighting.
  • If there are prints on the photos, those are not included. You will purchase only the print.
  • Design layout and dimensions of the paper might be slightly different, as I cut most paper by hand and handprint all my linos.
  • The prints will be shipped with CTT portugues post.

For further informations about my art prints please read the page about my art prints here.

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